In a tumultuous year, JC Townsend has created beauty with his all new EP, Ghosts. We haven’t been able to turn it off! Read along with us for our full review of the record, in addition to some insight on the artist as well.

For those who may be unaware, JC Townsend is a musician from Vancouver, Canada. So far this year, JC has released 2 EPs in which he wrote, performed, recorded, and mixed. His personal music taste is directly influenced by multiple genres that include post hardcore, hardcore, post punk, classic rock, metal, and various singer songwriters. Weaving his personal experiences and storytelling with hook laden guitar, vocal melody and harmonies, the artist is finding balance in creating a sound landscape through raw, visceral, honest, and powerful art.

In addition the release of Ghosts, JC also has some big projets in the works releasing towards the end of this year and early next. A music video for the title track of “Ghosts” is on its way, he’ll be performing in Vancouver on November 27th, and is planning to film a live stream in December for an official January release. As soon as you finish up your first listen of Ghosts though, get prepped, because he’s also headed into the studio in early 2021 for a follow up. So much to look forward to in the coming months!

Now that we’ve familiarized ourselves a bit more with the background of the artist, we’d love to tell you just how much we enjoyed our listen of this latest EP. Coming in at a total of 5 tracks, spanning 20 minutes in run time, we were enthralled with the immediately world that JC created. Immediately, the album opener “Angel” sucks you in with a harrowing acoustic guitar and the layered vocals coming from the artist. It’s an obvious acoustic indie rock album, but with so many of his listed influences that peak their heads throughout the listen.

It would honestly be impossible to pick a favorite, as they all progressively have their own highs, so we’ll let the reader and listener do the hard work. I think the redeeming factor of the entire listen is that it’s 100% cohesive. Instead of being hand picked singles that could find a place within his discography, everything seems quite intentional. The overall sound and atmosphere doesn’t jump around, which in this case we prefer because it creates its own world and memories.

While the EP was released in June, it’s never been more relevant than now. As of today it’s Friday, and we can think of no better way to kick off the weekend than with a front to back listen of Ghosts. So what are you waiting for? It’s about that time we’ll let you know to stop reading and start listening!